• Kitty's dream 3


    Kitty's dream 3 

         I had the impression that I was leaving my body, that I was ripped from my body. I was dying. "Yes, I am dead", I thought.
         I was conscious that I was going down, down a long dark tunnel. Then I came to a large hall, dimly lit by red lanterns. I was in front of a large door. By the door, stood a red faced genie looking very frightening, yet I felt no fear. I asked:
           "May I go and see what it is inside ?"

           "Go away ! This is not a place for playing !", he replied in a very rude voice.

         "No need to be so harsh !", I thought. Then an idea came to my mind. "I am really very carefree. Since I am dead, I should go and find my parents (who died years ago). What a bad girl I am !", I reproached myself. However I forgot at once that idea of looking for my parents. I retraced my steps, and went up the long tunnel.

         I was flying, flying over a road on a high mountain, under bright moon light. I felt fresh winds gliding over my cheeks. I saw fog banks and vague shapes of some house roofs, scattered here and there, below me, in the deep valley. I did not know how long I had been flying for, but during all that time, I was conscious that there was someone flying alongside and very close to me. I did not turn round to see who it was.  Then in front of me, still far away, I saw a beautiful garden full of flowers. I thought I would go and visit the garden. A stone's throw from the entrance to the garden stood an old sage with a long, white beard and wearing white clothes. He had a beautiful carved bamboo cane in his hand. His face was illuminated by an inner light exuding wisdom and compassion. I thought that perhaps I should ask him for permission, if I wished to visit the garden.

      "May I visit the garden, Grand father ?"
      "Go back at once to where you have come from, my girl. Otherwise, when I strike my cane down, it will be too late".
      "But I am already dead, Grand father, how can I go back ?", I replied sadly.
      "Lean upon the person next to you, my girl."
    I woke up. My forehead was damp with cold sweat. "Had I been really dead for a moment ?" I wondered.



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