• My mother


    Do you think the dead can communicate with us ?

    My Mother

    By Kitty 

     This happened long ago, on the day of my husband's funeral.  At that time, my mother had already dead many years ago, but her youngest sister was still living. Physically, my mother and my aunt did not look alike at all.  While my mother was small, very fine of feature, my aunt was tall, rather masculine with a large face and a big nose. She also had large bony shoulders.
         For the funeral, my neighbours helped me put up a tent in the front garden with a parachute cloth.  They placed a long table along the hedge, and chairs around it for the guests.  To be able to receive friends and families, one need to have a special authorization from the police of the district.  So I went to the district police station to make the declaration and get the authorization for the purpose.  When I came back and entered the gate, there were already many guests in the garden, sitting on the chairs along the hedge facing towards me.  I could'nt make out their features, they were somehow blurred like in a mist, except one : My Mother.  She was there, so lovely as always. She looked at me in silence with a sad smile.  Within a second, I was stunned as if under a spell. I heard myself uttering « Mummy », and at the same time a felt a warm blood stream slowly flowing through my heart. Then I realized that it was my aunt and I became also aware of the other guests.
         I am sure that it was my mother.  She was there to comfort me, it was her way to say to me « I am here ». The expression "it warms up your heart" may be only a literary one, but I have physically lived that divine moment, the memory of which is always present in my mind. It helps me live on, day after day.




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