• Kitty's dream 2


    Kitty's dream 2


    My sister

    This happened years ago. One of my sisters at that time lived in Canada. She was very ill. She was suffering from a cancer of the lungs, at the third stage.
    One day I had a dream in which I was with her.  We were on a bus, I didn't know where we were going.  Then arriving at a bus stop, my sister hurried down. I quickened my steps after her, and called to her : "Please wait for me, please ..." She answered without returning to me : "No, I am going where you cannot follow."  But still I hurried down, and ran after her. She crossed the road and disappeared behind a great gate. I dashed to the gate, but I could not go any further, the gate was locked. Near the gate there was a small house for the keeper, but it seemed deserted.  Desperately, I looked at the gate.  It was a very imposing wrought iron gate. I looked up, but could not see the ensign upon it. With my eyes I searched for my sister beyond the gate, but I couldn't see her anywhere.  All that I remembered after that, was, beyond the gate, a beautiful yet desolated hilly landscape under the blurred moon light. The next day I learned that she had died the night before.
    I could not go to her funeral. One year later, I went to Canada. I wanted to go and pray by her grave.  When the taxi put me down before the cemetery, I had a cold shock. I was in front of an imposing wrought iron gate. It was locked because it was not opening time yet. Near the gate, the small keeper's house seemed deserted. I was there in front the gate, and beyond it I could behold a beautiful but desolated landscape under the foggy morning light.


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